Lyn Ritherdon
Lyn Ritherdon (Principal/Founder) P.0282825702 M.0410628668

Lyn Ritherdon has been in the Real Estate industry for thirteen years, eleven of those in Victoria Park. Lyn has a wonderful and broad knowledge of the city and surrounding areas as well as the developments within. Her ability and tireless efforts to determine solutions for her clients’ needs is well known and greatly respected by developers and clients alike. Lyn has a self assured confidence, backboned by a complete understanding of her undertaken career. A vocation in real estate seemed the appropriate course to take after spending a number of years in her own retail business and having a keen interest in investment. Retail and real estate have given her a marvelous grounding in business practice and principles, as well as a deep seated desire to help others in their endeavors for financial independence and finding a place called home.

Andrew Chen
Andrew Chen (Principal/Founder) P.0282825700 M.0411768333

Andrew Chen is the local expert in Zetland and Waterloo, who has been living and investing in the areas for more than 10 years. His local knowledge is unrivalled and is continually valuable helping his clients build success throuth property investments. Prior to founding Compass Realty, he was the number one sales person in Rhodes, who sold more than 40 millions dollars worth properties a year. His finacial and accounting knowledge is also great value to the team and his customers. Who thinking of investing/living in Zetland, Waterloo, Rhodes or Wolli Creek should come and consult him before making any most important decision of your lives.

Marco Leung
Marco Leung (Sales Manager) P.0282825700 M.0432654499

Marco Leung’s outgoing personality and outstanding property investment consultant working experience make him to be a successful Sales Executive in Compass Realty.Marco focus on project sales and marketing of Rhodes, Epping, Wolli Creek, Zetland and surrounding areas.His great customer service skill and can-do attitude always reward him with repetitive business.Due to the introduction policies, protocols and procedures suggested by him, there is 99% positive client/customer feedback for his work within the company. His effective verbal and international communication skills (English, Cantonese and Mandarin) are valuable in providing professional advice to the most home buyers and investors.

Jarvis Huang
Jarvis Huang (Sales Consultant) P.0282825700 M.0451196960

Jarvis Huang is a sales consultant who has deep understanding in real estate market, sharp intuition on market prediction and properties’ pricing, also his proficient time management which able to provide the perfect service to client with limited time frame helps him reach the target passionately.On the other hand, Jarvis Huang is also a local expert due to his outstanding communication skills with clients, fluent in English Mandarin and Cantonese in High-Volume, High-Dollar negotiations, and developed skills in marketing research and analysis, strongly recommended documentary preparation ability helps his client to gain more from the local market.

Steve Sarkissian
Steve Sarkissian (Property Manager) P.0282825704 M.0404440011

Steve is a dedicated and exceptional property manager. Steve commenced his property management career in the mid 1990s and has been managing and selling properties in the Eastern Suburbs & St. George Area. Being a successful owner of his own real estate business prior to joining Compass Realty, Steve fully comprehends the concept of customer service, and now, has established a friendly and strong relationship with each and every client at Compass Realty. Steve has built such a connection with previous clients that some have followed him around to Compass Realty.

Ethan Gao
Ethan Gao (Property Officer) M.0410002688

Ethan has joined our team as the new Property Assistant. Ethan brings over five years of experience in property management prior to joining Compass Realty, with a strong background in tenant relations, maintenance coordination, and overall property administration. Ethan is looking forward to working with all of you and fostering a positive and productive result. Please feel free to reach out to Ethan for any assistance.